“No Lesson”

Blue beach house, Galveston, TX, February 2011

“Now let silence speak.
As that begins, we will start out.”

– Rumi

I really like this image.

Every time I look at it my spirit just stops. And relaxes.

And feels deep pleasure in knowing that there are some moments in time that things are just beautiful, and that is all and everything.

I can’t express the way it felt to come upon this house and see the exact match of house and sky in color. Who could have known the tonality of stormy skies, and found a way to match it on wood? What timing of the universe had me walking by at that moment, as the light made this collaboration possible?

Both God and the architect are masters.

(And the jeweler who placed the necklace of trash cans is also to be commended.)

I sat with this photograph, and thought and thought about what article or lesson I could write for my weekly “Life Reflections.” And kept coming up with nothing.

Because I just like looking at it…feeling the quiet joy of of making the image, the perfect day I had…and that is enough.

This is the inner path of photography.

No lesson needed.