“‘I Dream’ is leaving – Dream one more time with me”


This Sunday, February 26, is the last day to experience (and/or bring the dream to your home) my two framed pieces currently at the Vermont Center for Photography in Brattleboro.
Thank you to all who’ve sent me personal notes after enjoying these
and the other beautiful work of VCP members.

“Umbrella” and Beachchair” from the collection I Dream of Galveston”
and exhibition location are below.

In the meantime, I invite you to continue the dream with me…

Galveston in Fog

Like an affair with a long-time lover
I return…Over and over
No matter the weather


My beach chair the Zen mat.

inner silence
Finally…reconnection with Soul.

And there are others there
all of us living our dream, side by side

(Nods of recognition
quiet smiles, a wave hello)

The fog discourages no one.

In fact it makes us happy
This secret shared

The last rose of sunset dies.
Blessings. Grace. The Beloved.

More “I Dream of Galveston” Collection



"Umbrella" from the Heidi Straube collection "I Dream of Galveston" (2008) is now at the Vermont Center for Photography.

Two images from my collection
“I Dream of Galveston” (2008)

are at the
Vermont Center for Photography
10 Green St
Brattleboro, VT

“As if in a dream, time slows down
My inner silence deepens
And I am overcome with the sweetness of life
and its fragility”

More “I Dream of Galveston”

January 6 – February 26, 2023
Members Show 

“Beach Chair”

"Beach Chair" from Heidi Straube "I Dream of Galveston Collection" now at the Vermont Center for Photography.

“In this little memory book set seaside in Galveston, Texas,
Heidi Straube has captured the peacefulness, fragile beauty, and silent grace
of true beach lovers.

The stillness of her photos, many shot in the fog,
remind us of the quiet places we can go to within,
no matter what our outer circumstances.”

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