Meditation & Yoga for Creativity

Morgan Mona Lisa

The creative spirit springs most gracefully from a relaxed and aligned body, mind, & soul. In today’s busy world we often spend more time and energy on the outer creation than slowing down and stopping to listen to our inner voice.

Through “Meditation & Yoga for Creativity” we learn to honor the deepest creative spirit. We connect with that space that cannot be put into words, but which, when allowed, takes us to our most beloved expressions, and accompanying bliss.

In the spaces of silence, movement, chanting, and visioning, you will connect with your deepest knowing, trust in self, remove blocks, and experience confidence and direction for your creative projects and life path.

Diverse contemplative philosophies and techniques are introduced.  Kundalini yoga sets, Zen Buddhist walking & sitting meditations, ancient and contemporary Hawaiian shaman techniques, as well as unique approaches developed by Heidi Straube are all tools to be drawn on for creative flow.

“Meditation & Yoga for Creativity” can be taught as a one-hour session, an ongoing seminar series, or as an additional offering to the community as part of  an Inner Path of Photography program.

Themes and techniques  can be customized to the needs of participants.