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“Place the Mind in the Heart”



Place the Mind in the Heart.


Image: “Deepest Love”
© 2023 Heidi Straube


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“Honor Your Heart”


The cookies are gone, espresso savored
Warm feelings from an evening with friends

Playful posting of photos, just taking a break, and then

Tender memories of a passionate time.

A different photo.

A man who could capture
layers of emotion through a simple cup and saucer.

Images and coffee
Friendship and love

A rich life.

Image “Espresso Memories”
© Heidi Straube 2012

© Mario Algaze “Club La Paz, Bolivia” 1989
In memory of Mario Algaze
1947 – 2022

* * * * *

Hello, Kindred Spirits,

Honor Your Heart.

If you are feeling sadness about things in the past today,
and also have great hope and love for the future,
I’m with you. 

Life is precious, amazing, exhausting, disappointing…
and a Miracle. 

Tomorrow we’ll step forward into a new year.
Today I welcome you to create your dreams,
and to also honor your losses. 

My heart is with you.


For You: “This is a Wonderful Day”     

I posted “This is a Wonderful Day” and its image of Spring beauty in May of 2020, when we were still in co-vid semi-lock-down in Hudson, NY – my temporary home where I found myself by good fortune and the generosity of friends. The feelings and essence of this writing continue.      

May you feel the love and inspiration I wish for you.


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“Step Through”

Your Path is unique.

More beauty and grace awaits.

Watch for the Openings…
Step Through.

Infinite possibilities and love for you in 2020.


Image: “Step Through”
From the “Cape Cod Spring” Collection

© Heidi Straube 2020 (new, additions ongoing)


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“My life is a study in living with impermanence –
each day brings its own subtle or dramatic changes.

The world is my studio.”

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Image from the new “St Petersburg Summer” Collection
© Heidi Straube 2019 (additions ongoing)

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