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“Pleasure – A Meditation”




Breathe deeply.

Allow the peace within.

You are still a sacred being
Here to celebrate life.

At this moment – and throughout your day today –

Know that simply being you

Being Love 

makes a difference.

Relax. It is a noble act to share your pleasure.

Image: Morning Pleasure
© 2017 Heidi Straube

“My studio…today”


May you feel the majesty of Life today.

Image: “Majesty of Life”
© 2016 Heidi Straube

“Sweet Caress”

hstraube2016_capecod_viewfromwindowfor sweetcaress-4466

Quelle que soit la durée de votre séjour sur cette petite planète,
et quoi qui’l vous advienne
le plus important c’est que vous puissiez – de temps en temps –
sentir la caresse exquise de la vie.

However long your stay on this small planet lasts
and whatever happens during it,
the most important thing is that – from time to time –
you feel life’s sweet caress.

© Heidi Straube, Eastham, MA, Cape Cod, 2016
Quote: © William Boyd, “Sweet Caress” 2015

The Photo-Poem Collection

“Courageous thoughts”


My Studio Today_View from my window_sunrise_winter on cape cod 02-04-2014


“…many remain at the foot of the mount
who could ascend to the top…

I repeat and ask that you always have courageous thoughts.

As a result of them,
God will give you grace for courageous deeds.”

– Teresa of Avila


Image: “View from my Window, Eastham, MA, 02.04.2014”
From the collection: “From my window (My studio…today)”
© 2014 Heidi Straube

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