Beachwalk Talks

Walk, look, listen, feel –
The perfect way to begin when walking on the beach.

Not a word to be spoken – so why “BeachWalk Talks?”

Because the talking can be through the feel of the sand, the sound of the waves, the lift of the breeze upon your face.

The lift of your camera, the quiet voice from within that says, “This…this is it.

I’m still your Muse. And we will talk. In fact, after an initial breathing, slowing down, taking time to contemplate, I may encourage you to talk intensely as we walk, so you can release all that has been bouncing around in your head, your mind, your body, and space. You may talk nonstop, more than you ever dreamed you would.

But then…we’ll ease into the magic of the sea, and draw from the power of the waves, wind, and sun.

And that power, combined with The Muse, well….

Craving The Photographer Muse?
Let’s walk, shoot, compare, question. I’ll teach you Inner Path Photography ways to shoot, see, and engage your creative genius.

Seeking the Classic Muse?
Let the sea open your mind. I’ll help you express  your dreams and frustrations, and guide you to a place where you can feel good, clear about what’s next.

Needing the Muse as Counselor/Coach?
Walk, talk, and enjoy the comfort of truly being heard. Then let me introduce you to meditative as well as action tools to create what you want.

As with all Inner Path Muse Experiences, our time together will be customized to your needs. We can meet for an hour, with specific goals, or roam the area, including a meal or sightseeing. We can walk and shoot the entire time, or sit under the umbrella and contemplate,  talk. Don’t worry about the weather – the beach is inspiring at all times.

BeachWalk Talks are currently available in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Galveston, Texas. Other travel is on the calendar, however, with mountain, desert, and Taos Gorge walks upcoming.   Contact me to design where to meet or make arrangements for travel rendezvous.

Your BeachWalk With the Muse will be an uplifting experience.

“In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple.
It is there we can see into ourselves.”

– Rolf Edberg

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