You are the Artist of Your Life – Teens






“You are the Artist of Your Life: Exploring Life Direction Through Photography” – Teen is specifically designed for teens 13-17,  to give them a unique way to envision their futures, and start taking the steps to create them.

Recognizing that sitting at a desk and planning a career is not the most attractive way to spend teen time, “You are the Artist of Your Life” is an experience of creative exercises, action, reflection & writing – looking at photography, shooting, editing, sharing – understanding resonance, values, heroes and challenges – interviewing skills, portraitures, outside speakers  – and finally outlining ideas for what can be done to start creating that life now.

Students enjoy their cameras as a fun companion, as well as an inspiring and serious tool for creating their future.

*A workbook accompanies this class; content is customized for the intended group and goals.
*A career interest inventory is also available for integration into class.

Suggested formats:

*6 – 2 hour classes, one per week
*Saturday workshop
*Weekend retreat, or two Saturdays workshop
*4 – half–days “camp”

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Slideshow of Teen Photos from “You Are the Artist of Your Life” Summer Program, Kennedy Place, Houston, TX