Photography and Words: Deepening Personal Expression


Sometimes a single image is not enough – there is more to be expressed which calls for the partnership of words. Revered ancient Chinese artists honored greatly the beauty and power of words as well as image. “Savoring Mo-chieh’s poems/one finds paintings in them; Contemplating Mo-chieh’s paintings/one finds poems in them” still applies in our time and can deepen our work with photography.

Working with your own images and writing (yours or others), we’ll explore the power and possibilities of photography and words as a personal form of expression. We’ll work with the inner resonance that comes from pairing the right words with photography, how to make choices and create from a knowing of why you are combining the two, and explore different formats for doing so.

Overcoming writer’s block, techniques to get started, using photography as an inspiration for your writing and expressions such as photo poems, photo books, storytelling, and spoken word creations – all will be added to your box of inspiration and tools.

“Photo poems” from Heidi Straube – Inner Path Photography Blog

“Mini-meditations – spoken word and photography” from Heidi  Straube – Inner Path Photography Website