Walks With the Muse

Feel the freedom of walking, talking…yes even picnicking or stopping at cafes!…as you allow The Muse to inspire you.

Sometimes meeting in a building can be too confining, or intimidating – or it influences your thoughts because of associations with rules, tradition, or the way things “should” be. Let’s explore your world in a natural way!

When we walk, the movement often frees the mind and allows the flow of creativity to rush forth.

I am the Muse – here to encourage your talk, to awaken dreams, and to provide counsel and direction when you need it.

When you “Walk with the Muse” you can walk with the:

*     The Photographer – shoot with me, discover new ways to see, receive on the spot coaching, tips, and Inner Path Photography applications.

*     The Counselor – talk through the things that are keeping you back, in your art, relationships, career and life.

*     The Original Muse – tap into and use the skills that are in the Muse’s job description: inspiration, motivation, stimulation, encouragement, spark, and creativity. (Genius is on the list too – although it’s your genius we’re uncovering!)

As in any Muse activity, we’ll follow your creative flow – walk the whole time, visit interesting places, or hang out in the most wonderful cafe.

Walks with the Muse can take place in any city, town, field, mountain or country around the world location.

Currently I’m based in Houston but travel is also on the calendar – contact me to design where to meet or make arrangements for travel.

“Spend time every day listening to what the muse is trying to tell you.”

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(Above photo taken on the grounds of the Menil Collection, Houston)