You Are the Artist of Your Life – Adults

Topsail Beach North Carolina Heidi Straube photographer

What better way to create the life you want than through the pleasure of photography?  Through immersing oneself in the creative process and “Inner Path Photography” techniques, we enjoy self-expression, make the photographs we love, and find the parallels to life that help us see a clearer life path.

“You are the Artist of Your Life: Exploring Life Direction Through Photography” is for those who want a unique way to reflect on their lives, explore what they’re drawn to, and have support for wanting joy in who they are now and who they want to be.

Resonance, listening within, letting things unfold, having “heroes” and taking the risk apply equally to creating photography and life from the inner path. Whether you’re curious about what’s still waiting to be honored within, considering making a major change in your life, or just want to continue the joy and see where it leads, being the artist of your life with your camera as your magic tool will lead to your “masterpiece” of true being.


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