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“Place the Mind in the Heart”



Place the Mind in the Heart.


Image: “Deepest Love”
© 2023 Heidi Straube


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Strong to have made it to the beach.

A shell companion, quiet witness
Birds, ocean, sky

Now you may drop the struggle.
Allow your fragility

Rest. Rest. Rest.


On this day of Winter Solstice, 2020, I honor your ability to always find the Light.
I send you love, inspiration, and comfort for the Soul.

Always Beauty.

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Image: “Strong/Fragile” © HeidiStraube 2020, from
“Cape Cod Winter” Collection


A window looks out on the marsh, blue water of the high tide, winter grasses, a billowing curtain, sun shining through

When I count my blessings

I count you twice.

(Happy St. Patricks Day.)

Image: “Window to the Soul – High Tide”

A Note from Heidi:

The picture above is a view from my winter home and studio on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It’s a short walk to First Encounter Beach, and at high tide, especially near times of the full moon, the sea comes in and covers the marsh. The view is constantly changing; sometimes it’s quite hard to concentrate on my work, as I look up and am once again in awe. The beautiful sky and clouds, the breeze rippling the water, and the happy paddling of the geese and ducks making their wonderful sounds – all bring me back to my soul.

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I love my work! Class #4 – Inner Path of Photography

A golden Cape Cod sunset lights up the side of a beach cottage on the cliffs of First Encounter Beach, Massachusetts. The silhouette of a small, elegant tree sits beneath the pinked clouds.


Class #4 – “The Inner Path of Photography” – last Tuesday…
Students shared the images they made from their personal photo shoot after doing the “Shooting from Resonance” exercises from class.

Part of the homework challenge: Photographers were allowed to make only ten images – so shooting had to be thoughtful, deliberate,
truly in alignment with their feelings and intentions.

10 images were then edited down to 5 – attention to the very best. Slideshows were presented, with interesting discussions about the images,
the story, sequencing, inspiration.

Bonus: Now I want to go to the Galapagos Islands!
Plus: An unusual “tiny story” about having a home in the neighborhood
of a small-town private airport.
Have you ever parked your plane in your driveway?

Next week: “Go Wild!”

Photo above: © Heidi Straube 2019 – Image #2 of tiny story “Awe”
See more about the tiny stories here…

I love my work! Teaching, inspiring, and opening new doors to discovery.
“Honoring Inner. Creating Outer.” ❤️

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