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The art of photography is more than knowing what f-stop to use, how to capture the light, and how to make changes on your computer to make the “perfect” picture. The essence of a great photograph, one that truly rocks your soul, is much deeper than that. It comes from within the photographer, from the heart and soul.

The great photographer is shooting from an inner awareness; an connection with a truth that is unique only to her/him. This website is dedicated to deepening that connection, and helping us to improve the way we express ourselves in the world as photographers.

But the inner path of photography is not just for photographers. We can all use the art of photography to learn things about ourselves. This site is also intended for those seekers who want to live life to the fullest, and are open to the many ways to do so.

May you be inspired by the words on this blog, and may you participate in the dialogue that results.

And finally,  may you reach the place where you are able to honor the inner spirit, and by doing so, create the outer life, whether it be through photographs, relationships, or the many ways that you will live.

Heidi Straube


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