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Month: July, 2011

“It’s about the story you have to tell. The camera is just a tool.” – Jerome Liebling

“Jerome Liebling’s photo classes often seemed to be about everything but photography, James Estrin recalls. And that, it turns out, was exactly the point.”

New York Times Article, Jerome Liebling, photographer who died Wednesday…

Peter Cooper & Eric Brace – Inspiring Musicians

I believe it’s important for artists to get their inspiration and support from all kinds of sources…not just other photographers, for example.

This weekend I went to McGonigel’s Mucky Duck in Houston and heard these amazing  musicians…both singer/songwriters of great talent. It was a magical evening, reaffirming my faith that there are still many fine artists out there who are dedicated to and perfecting their craft…and that it is an act of love to do so and share and inspire others.

Peter Cooper writes beautiful songs that are very visual as well as emotional – I would call them “song pictures” – you can see the picture and feel the story as he sings. One of my favorites was the song about Hank Aaron “715 (For Hank Aaron)” – what a great (and discouraging) story told through music.

Eric Brace has a wonderfully kind and strong energy as he sings. Two songs that that were hauntingly beautiful, in the style of classic loving bluegrass stories. really affected me.  (I turned to the woman at the bar sitting next to me: “Do you know who wrote that?” She answered (loving smile): “My husband.” More, more, Eric!

An added gift was the presence of the well-known Denice Franke, who came up from Galveston for the performance and sang with Eric and Peter on an old Eric Taylor song. More magic. And a great conversation with her afterward about the need to honor all of our interests and allow balance in our lives, so we can create from a joyous center.

Peter and Eric have a great sense of humor – their stage presence enhances and enlivens their songs – and to see and feel the friendship between these two men is another experience to be shared and enjoyed.

Here’s the article that inspired me to go…

Some additional links to music…
Eric & Peter, 14 songs on Reverbnation
Denice Franke from latest album “Gulf Coast Blue”

And my thanks to all for an inspiring evening, inside and out.

Teen Photo Camp – Last Day to Register!

Last day to register for my TEEN PHOTO CAMP next week at Texas Institute of Photography!

Teens learn the joy of photography, as well as more about themselves, what they want out of life, and how to create it.

More information and registration here…

“Perhaps only silence and love do justice to a great work of art” – Dominique de Menil

“…without explanatory wall texts, the gallery represents the de Menils’ philosophy of allowing unmediated and direct contact with the artwork on view, not conditioned by curators’ thoughts and opinions. “Perhaps only silence and love do justice to a great work of art,” Dominique de Menil once said.”

(Full article about Cy Twombly, the Menil Foundation, and a wonderful picture of Dominique de Menil and Cy Twombly here.)

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