I love my work! Class #3

A winter sunset at First Encounter Beach, Cape Cod Massachusetts. Chunks of ice are scattered on the beach, with a row of snow where the tide withdrew; reflections of pink-edged clouds are seen in the water of the flats.

So wonderful…

I taught Class #3 of “The Inner Path of Photography” yesterday
at Cotuit Center for the Arts, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Students shared their homework of creating a “tiny story” book
from five of their images, complete with title, intro page, end page.

Every piece was from the heart, unique, entertaining, educational,
(who knew these things about bees and honey?!) and a joy to experience.


Next week: Shooting from “Resonance.”

(Photo above is the first image from my “tiny story;” book title, “Awe.” )

I love my work! Teaching, inspiring, and opening new doors to discovery.
“Honoring Inner. Creating Outer.” ❤️

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