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My Scroll Hanging at Peter T Brown Gallery, Houston, TX


"As if in a dream…" scroll wall hanging, Peter T Brown Gallery Houston, TX, Heidi Straube


I’m pleased to share with you my latest scroll wall hanging,
“As if in a dream…seaside contemplations”

in the inaugural exhibition
“Over Time: Photography from the Advanced Photography Workshop”
Peter T. Brown Gallery, Houston, Texas.

I’m enjoying integrating my love of meditation, Japanese sensibilities, and beauty of the sea in my current work, and am happy to share this special hanging with you.

* * * * *

“As if in a dream…seaside contemplations” is my contemporary interpretation of the art and intention of traditional scroll wall hangings created by Japanese Zen monks.

In Zenga (Zen art) the scrolls come from an act of meditation. The monk/artist immerses himself in the essence of Spirit, then expresses it visually, to share and inspire a similar experience in the viewer.

Hangings such as these are placed in a contemplative space in the home, to remind and reconnect the viewer to the ever-present inner bliss and beautiful outer manifestations of God.

* * * * *

I believe deeply that we all deserve to be connected to our joy…whether we call it God, inner peace, or Spirit.

"As if an dream…seaside contemplations" scroll wall hanging, Heidi Straube - Inner Path photography

hstraube_asifinadreamscrollhanging_frontv2_petertbrowngallery_2014-9080Life challenges us, and we forget about this beautiful essence within. My work, in the spirit of Zenga, is to bring that spiritual experience to people, and to feel it myself as I create my photographic images and the forms they take.

I invite you to the experience of meeting your soul through photography.

(Click here for enlarged detail, purchase information)

* * * * *

The scroll: I chose three images from my contemplative series, “Sea Dreams,” printed them on archival velvet-style paper, and designed a hand-stitched silk Jacquard scroll wall hanging to complement their peaceful presence. While the front of the scroll highlights the images, the back also radiates it own beauty with hand-stitching, a subtle golden Japanese leaf print on green silk, and a small signed contemplative seaside image gracing the top.

* * * * *

The Peter T. Brown Gallery, located in the Anderson-Clarke Center at Rice University, is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Thursdays until 8:00 PM. Enter Entrance #8, at University Boulevard and Stockton Drive. The Anderson-Clarke Center will be on your left. There is free 15-minute parking behind the building.

More about the Peter T. Brown Gallery & the Glasscock School of Continuing Education, Rice University

More contemplative images from Heidi Straube

* * * * *



Totally immersing myself in Life

I start each day

Remembering to dance.

See more photos from event Stephan Koplowitz “Natural Acts in Artificial Water”
Houston, Texas, Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park May 19, 2012
Image “Waterwall Dancer Trio” © Heidi Straube 2012

Photoplay #1 – (An adventure & contest)

IN THE SPIRIT OF PLAY(see last post)

Can You come out to play today?
Come play with me in my new Inner Path Photography experience: “Photoplay.”

Find your child-like curiosity, drop your self-judgment, and enjoy the thrill that you get from simply making photographs. And do it this month shooting your feelings and experience of “Play.” Abstract, literal, manipulated, straight – whatever makes you feel playful or communicates your perspective of play – make a photograph.

That’s it! Play!
But wait!  There’s more…

Of course, the experience of connecting with “play,” exploring and expressing your feelings and vision through your photographs will be pleasure enough.

But hey, if you want to play even more, send me one of your “Play” photos, and now we’ve made it a real game. And weren’t many of our games as children sweetened by a prize?



All photos sent to me will be posted on my website until September 15, 2012….for all the world to see and be inspired by, and for you to enjoy being a celebrity.


Eight creative playmates will receive an Inner Path Photography mini-contemplation creation – I’m designing them now – a small meditative inspiration of photography and words.  This prize will affirm the ability you’ve shown to tap into your inner being and honor what you’ve found.


One magical creator will be crowned the “Ultimate Visionista or Visionistus of Play.”

In addition to being able to put this title on one’s resume, and to carry this feeling of royalty in your heart, you, joyful player, will deepen and expand your art and life as you revel in one of the following Inner Path Photography experiences with me (the Muse, of course):

    * Inner Path Photography Personal Intensive Session

    * Walks with the Muse 

    * BeachWalk Talks 

Interested in Playing? Click here for the full posting & more information…

“Muse: A goddess that inspires the creative process.”
(That’s Me.)


Photo Camp! Ages 8-17, June 4-7, Houston, TX

“It’s marvellous, marvellous! Nothing will ever be as much fun.
I’m going to photograph everything, everything! – ”

– Jacques-Henri Lartigue
after taking his first photo at age 7


"Explorations," Great Dunes National Park, Colorado

“Explorations,”  © 2012 Heidi Straube

Summer Inner Path Photo Classes are beginning!

Photo camps, one-day workshops, and beach photo walks for children, teens and adults are being scheduled now –

E-mail me  to be notified as the calendar evolves, or subscribe to this blog (see upper right corner) for announcements and updates.

Starting  June 4:

“Photo Camp for Ages 8-17″: Session 1
June 4-7, 2012, Monday – Thursday
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Houston, Texas

 Learn the “inner art” of photography – how to express your unique vision and feelings – plus techniques to know your camera and take great photos.

 Examples of topics:

  • Why do you like photography?
  • Learning about photographers from  many years – and you’re one too!
  • Becoming friends with your camera
  • Stillness & resonance – shooting from the quiet space within
  • Making pictures that only you can imagine
  • Experimenting and playing with the many kinds of photography – nature, architecture, fashion, travel, portraits, more…
  • A photography scavenger hunt
  • Putting your photos on the web and printing them for your own show

Click here for more description, fees, registration…

“Photo Camp for Ages 8-17”: Session 2
July 30-August 2, 2012 – register now

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