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Inspired by David Bowie –

“Sometimes I wish that I could put myself in Duchamp’s place to feel what he felt when he put those things on show and said:

‘I wonder if they’ll go for this. I wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow morning.’

– David Bowie, 1998, New York Times interview

“Bidding to Own a Piece of David Bowie”
New York Times, 11/11/2016
@ 2016 Roslyn Sulcas


“How to Trick the Muse – Sting”


Photo © 2016 Eric Ryan Anderson, New York Times
From the New York Times, ‘A Word: Sting’
“With ‘57th and 9th,’ Sting Changes His Mind About Rock”

An interesting interview with musician Sting – thoughts about how he creates music, his most recent album, “The Last Ship” opera, and reflections on living life to the fullest.

I liked the end of this little story about how he created the songs for “57th and 9th:”

“And then I’d play a trick on myself. I’d lock myself out of my apartment, on the terrace in the cold, and not come in until I’d finished a lyric. I had a cup of coffee and a coat. It was one of those things to put myself out of my comfort zone in order to trick the muse into playing ball with me.”

Always open to new tricks to engage the muse…


Patti Smith on Creating/Staying with Your Work

Recommended Video for Today:

An inspiring talk by the musician/poet/artist Patti Smith  at the Louisiana Literature Festival, August 2012. Experience only the first 2 minutes – and easily take heart. Listen to the total 6 – and say “yes” to life.

“One does their work for the people.
And the more people you can touch, the more wonderful it is.

You don’t do your work and say ‘I only want the cool people to read it.’
You want everyone to be transported or hopefully inspired by it.”

“Be concerned with doing good work.”


“Life is like a roller coaster ride. It is never going to be perfect.”

May you honor that deepest part of you that naturally transports and inspires.



Black & White vs Color – Joel Meyerowitz thoughts

This is always an interesting question – to use color or black and white in a photograph?

What are we trying to describe and which does it best?

Check out the recent article and images in the New York Times Lens blog, where they revisit an essay, “A Question of Color” written by Joel Meyerowitz (included in his newest (wonderful, I’m lusting for it) publication “Joel Meyerowitz: Taking My Time.”)

Joel demonstrates his thoughts with 6 images that are in both color and black and white, so you can see/feel/tell your own story of which impacts you more and how.

The image captions are interesting – overall Joel prefers these in color, although originally when they were shot, a few he preferred in black and white.

I’m with him for most, the color definitely telling more of a story to me and the details having more impact – but the last one (#6) I prefer in black and white, and possibly #5 also.

And you?

A Question of Color – Answered

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