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Simple beauty.


I wish you much sweetness today.


Image: “Morning Love”
© Heidi Straube 2016

“My studio…today”


May you feel the majesty of Life today.

Image: “Majesty of Life”
© 2016 Heidi Straube

My studio…today.


May your day be full of
wide open spaces

Allowing your  heart to expand
your soul to dream

and your mind to create
your deepest desires.

“Timeless Drive, New Mexico”
© Heidi Straube 2015

Photographer’s Note:

Driving from Houston to New Mexico last week, I asked Google to give me a new route from Amarillo to Taos. The route turned out to be nearly 4 hours of wide open grasslands and desert –  a random truck 2 hours in – one town of 145 people to pass through – no cell connection – total silence except for the wind when I got out of the car to make photographs.

Meditative. Awe inspiring. A little scary if I allowed myself the “I’m all alone out here and what if something (bad) happens?” game.  A perfect way to see where my mind goes when it has nothing to distract.

I enjoyed being in the moment, breathing, allowing the beauty of my surroundings, relaxing into the pleasure of experiencing something new, unknown, unplanned.

The timelessness of forward motion holding the very real experience that, in this very moment, all is perfect.

“Courageous thoughts”


My Studio Today_View from my window_sunrise_winter on cape cod 02-04-2014


“…many remain at the foot of the mount
who could ascend to the top…

I repeat and ask that you always have courageous thoughts.

As a result of them,
God will give you grace for courageous deeds.”

– Teresa of Avila


Image: “View from my Window, Eastham, MA, 02.04.2014”
From the collection: “From my window (My studio…today)”
© 2014 Heidi Straube

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