Lartigue Photos…In Color!

Lartigue in color - Florette dans la Morgan, Provence - dam-images-daily-2015-06-jacques-henri-lartigue-jacques-henri-lartigue-06


“For me, life and color are inseparable”
– Jacques Henri Lartigue

Image: Florette dan la Morgan, Provence, Mai 1954
© Jacques Henri Lartigue

I have always thought of Jacques Henri Lartigue as a black-and-white photographer. The story of his picking up the camera at age seven, and proceeding to make images of his family and friends as they lived, played, and traveled together is charming – and his images seduce you with their exuberant, loving, artful beauty. Lartigue images always make me happy.

Today there is an article in the New Yorker magazine, announcing a new book to be released in February 2016, “Lartigue Photographs: In Color.” Color! A surprise to me. See the images – still beautiful, still uplifting – lovely pieces of art and soul.

Unknown to me, there was a full exhibition in Paris this past summer of 2015 of Lartigue’s color work. A May 31, 2015 article in Architectural Digest contains more about this exhibit, the photographer, and shares more of his wonderful images.

Wishing you the joyfulness of Lartigue photography
and the passion of a life in color.