Black & White vs Color – Joel Meyerowitz thoughts

This is always an interesting question – to use color or black and white in a photograph?

What are we trying to describe and which does it best?

Check out the recent article and images in the New York Times Lens blog, where they revisit an essay, “A Question of Color” written by Joel Meyerowitz (included in his newest (wonderful, I’m lusting for it) publication “Joel Meyerowitz: Taking My Time.”)

Joel demonstrates his thoughts with 6 images that are in both color and black and white, so you can see/feel/tell your own story of which impacts you more and how.

The image captions are interesting – overall Joel prefers these in color, although originally when they were shot, a few he preferred in black and white.

I’m with him for most, the color definitely telling more of a story to me and the details having more impact – but the last one (#6) I prefer in black and white, and possibly #5 also.

And you?

A Question of Color – Answered