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Life Reflections from Photography: PASSION

“Savannah & Sierra, after ‘Annie'”

“Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you,
say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.”
– D. H. Lawrence

What’s so wonderful about this photograph?

The passion. The freedom of these young girls to feel deeply, enjoy, share their feelings fully.

Are you living with passion, or has it disappeared from your life?

Did you shut it down by choice? Or has it slowly slipped away, as you’ve resigned yourself to the day to day routine, convinced that one cannot be “responsible” and passionate at the same time.

Passion is vibrant energy; the expression of life.

Pain/joy, disappointments/triumphs: Allow yourself to feel.

You are alive. Live deeply.

And more…

State Beach, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

State Beach, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. This is the first image of a triptych of waves...I haven't figured out how to put the three together for a final image yet...hmm, sounds like another Photoshop lesson needed...there's always something...

Leaving the Vineyard #1 - web version-8785Leaving the Vineyard…last piece of land seen from the ferry…

My New Book: “I Dream of Galveston”

I’m proud to announce my new book of photographs based on Galveston beaches and their mystery and magic. Click on the cover picture below for a description and to see sample photos. You can also order books to be shipped directly to you through the book link. Of course, if you want a more personalized, signed copy, I’ll be happy to take your order myself.

Here’s what’s been written about my book:

“For true beach lovers, the magic of the ocean never ends. In this little book about the Galveston beach, Heidi Straube has captured the peacefulness, fragile beauty, and silent gracefulness of children and adults at the beach. The stillness of her photos, many shot in the fog, remind us of the places we can go to within, no matter what our outside circumstances.

Galveston and its beaches were severely damaged during Hurricane Ike in October of 2008. Ms. Straube has captured the beauty and innocence that has always been a part of Galveston’s beaches and its visitors, and provides hope for the future.

“Aaaaah”….Heidi’s photographer group sighed upon first seeing her pictures.

Experience the memories and magic yourself in this lovely tribute to Galveston.”


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