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Evelyn Hofer – I love this woman’s work!

“Hilton Kramer once called Evelyn Hofer “the most famous unknown photographer in America,” a title she did not dispute. To her, the work was more important than the artist.” (David Gonzalez, “Evelyn Hofer, Reconsidered”)

A retrospective now at Danziger Gallery, New York.

See the wonderful slide show and article by David Gonzalez in the “Lens” Blog of the New York Times.

Or go to New York and see the show in person! Lens: A Biscuit Tin of Memories on Film

What a great article and pictures!

I love how the person who found this film at a flea market became fascinated by the unknown photographer and  what the images represent: a life.


Who cares about family legacies/history through photography – and who doesn’t?

Read on…

Lens: A Biscuit Tin of Memories on Film 
When Pablo Delano acquired a beat-up biscuit tin crammed with decaying, vintage negatives, he set out to find out who was the photographer. His journey took him on a hunt through Barcelona.

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