Bill Cunningham: ‘Facades’ Exhibition at the New York Historical Society


Image by Bill Cunningham, “Editta Sherman at the Guggenheim.” 
Copyright Bill Cunningham, New York Historical Society.

I love Bill Cunningham – his spirit as well as his photography work.

Based on his book “Facades” of 1978, the current exhibit at the New York Historical Society reflects his collaboration with the artist Editta Sherman, “The Duchess of Carnegie Hall,” where they drew from costume, architecture, and history to create a collection of images that are both playful and deep.

As Glenn O’Brien says in his New York  Times Article (which includes 14 images from the exhibition):

“Bill Cunningham is not an innocent, but he is a rare purist, and this body of work is a testament to his undiminished idealism.

By presenting fashions in the context of New York City architecture, Mr. Cunningham traces the evolution of aesthetics from colonial times to the rise of Modernism. On the surface, “Facades” seems to be a lark. There’s something very light, even madcap, in this historical dress up, but behind it, there looms serious intention.”

A “must see” for me!

“Bill Cunningham: Facades,” through June 15,  New-York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West at 77th Street; 212-873-3400.