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Inner Path of Photography classes are here!

Hi, I’ve finally put together the schedule for the latest Inner Path classes for the months of June and July, 2010!

I invite you to Houston, Texas to join me in:

1.     “The Inner Path of Photography”
Bring the magic back to your shooting, and learn something about yourself in the process.
There’s a Saturday class, an evening 3 night class, and even a 3-session morning class!

2.     “Photo Project Coaching – Group”
Do you have a photography project or goal that you keep on intending to reach, but you’re having trouble moving it along? Over three meetings with a group of kindred spirits, I’ll help you start or move your project along. 3 evening sessions, with an option to continue.

3.     “I’m Finally Doing Something With These Pictures!”
How long have you been intending to organize your photos into something tangible, instead of having them hanging in your computer folders, or on a photo website? It will be a fun Saturday afternoon…

4.     “Personal Muse and Project Coach”
Let me meet with you and help inspire you in your creative project. I have special expertise in the art of being a muse! and can lift whatever it is that’s keeping you stuck and send you on your way…I’m also available for project feedback and help in how to sequence, edit, choose your direction. (Will share muse secrets…)

Interested? I hope so! Would love to see you here.

Click here for more detailed description, dates, and registration information…

Houston/Galveston, TX: Summer Home Base for Heidi!

Leaving Taos for Houston this Sunday (May 9)…Houston/Galveston, TX will be my home base for the summer!

Teaching photo classes, photo project coaching & mentoring, transformational life counseling, retreats…look for schedule soon!

International and other US locations: Classes and retreats being scheduled now for late summer, fall, and winter…

Send in requests for your home base or where you want me to teach/coach so you can be inspired, uplifted, and create your most expressive art and the art of your life…

Remember to check my photography website and transformational life counseling website for more…

FotoFest 2010 Notes – MFAH: Richard Misrach

I forgot!

As part of the MFAH show, there is an image from Richard Misrach’s series, “On the Beach” (Untitled #1170-04.)

It’s a very large image, a swimmer floating in the middle of a vast Pacific Ocean (shot from a high hotel room in Hawaii).

The image felt expansive, wonderful, uplifting to me…so therefore  I was surprised to read the curator’s notes, which perceived the image as reflecting our feelings of insecurity and groundlessness after 9/11.

Hmm…not my feeling at all when looking at that image…Why don’t you go see it and tell me how it makes you feel?

After a little research, I did find some interesting background about the images and timing from the website…and also read more comments of Misrach about his project.  Now I see, at least, where the Houston curator got their perspective.

However, I do want to note that Misrach himself, as well as saying that the work was about how people can endure many things, and still then go and find happiness and relaxation,  said that the work, “…is much more about our relationship to the bigger sublime picture of things.”

Whew, that makes me happy. Each of the images seen here continue to make me long for the water, the beauty, the vastness of the ocean.

What about you?

FotoFest 2010 Notes – MFAH: Seung Woo Back

Work by the Korean photographer Seung Woo Back also caught my eye and mind in the MFAH exhibition, “Ruptures and Continuities: Photography Made after 1960 from the MFAH Collection”

“Real World” is a series of photographs taken in a South Korean theme park that features miniatures of world famous tourist places. Fake architecture and the realistic Seoul landscape coexists there, and the rather calm images evoke an odd sensation and suggest the envy that South Koreans turn towards outside countries.” (from the website of the Foil Gallery, Tokyo, upon their 2007 exhibit of  Seung Woo Back’s “Real World”)

Click here for a photo of the image….
Also see artist’s site…

I liked what Woo Back is doing as an art form, and also liked what he had to say about his work:

“As the border between ontological reality and imaginary reality becomes tightly entwined in my pictures, one might begin to wonder how the world is shaped in our own imaginations,” said the artist. (From curator’s notes, MFAH gallery wall.)

Yes, I agree….a concept worth a lifetime of reflection.

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