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“The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World”


The picture above is of a bookstore in Porto, Portugal – truly a book lover’s version of the “stairway to heaven.” I discovered it in the article “The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores of the World” by Emily Temple – a tantalizing appetizer of images and locations for the  traveling reader.

What a wonderful photo tour this would be to plan around! I love the variety of spaces, feeling which would be most inspiring to me to read in, buy books, or just immerse myself in the inspired architecture and design.

I’ve been to one of these bookstores – Atlantis Books, in Santorini, Greece. In 2004, after a month of roaming the wilds of Crete and other less known islands, shooting constantly, speaking basic Greek, and living in many different realities, I treated myself  to a stay in magical Oia, Santorini. Wandering at sunset, I  found this tiny, eclectic bookstore perched on the edge of a cliff. How lovely  and with a sense of coming home did it feel to discover on a shelf the familiar name of my friend Hans-Michael Koetzle and his wonderful book “Icons, I & II” (now republished as “50 Photo Icons: The Story Behind the Picture” ) and to have a warm and interesting conversation with the creative bookstore owners.

Immersing oneself in books, bookstores, the friendships that result – May we have the opportunity to experience them all!

Atlantis Bookstore Santorini Greece


How long can we stay
at the top of the mountain
seeing all around
in a glorious manner

I vow to hold that wonder
the  joy of discovery
the world

We are always at the top
of the mountain

We just forget


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