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“Prayer” (after Matisse)


“The essential is to live in a state of mind
that is close to prayer.”



Image: “Love as Prayer”
©2016 Heidi Straube, Istanbul, Turkey
First postings of the Istanbul Collection

Photographer’s Note:
I recently watched the film “A Model for Matisse,” an inspiring and loving documentary about the relationship between Henri Matisse and the woman who inspired him to create what Matisse proclaimed the masterpiece of his life’s work — The Chapel of the Rosary in the French Mediterranean village of Vence.

There were some who thought Matisse should stay away from creating his art in the religious world — Pablo Picasso was one. Picasso thought Matisse to be incorrect to build a chapel when he wasn’t a “believer.”

In a passionate letter to Picasso, Matisse wrote that he saw the chapel as a work of art. Sharing his deep feelings about religion, the sacred experience, and the source of his own art, he wrote:

“The essential is to work in a state of mind that is close to prayer.”

How beautiful, this expression of creating from the soul and heart.
And how precious to live our lives from this place.

May your day be filled with the sacred space, inspired from your own way of prayer.

“Imagine…You are Art”

Imagine what it must feel like

To be an exquisite piece of art.

Unique. Soulful. Appreciated.

Feel it.

Be it.

Live it.

Image: “Morning Art Spirit”
© 2015 Heidi Straube

“Imagine…No Doubt”

No doubt shadow


Imagine what it must feel like

to be totally confident and

completely free of fear and doubt.

Feel it.

Be it.

Live it.

Image: “Strength of Spirit”

© 2015 Heidi Straube




Imagine what it would feel like

to be unconditionally loved

by everyone and everything.

Feel it.  

Be it.

Live it.

Image: “Twilight Beauty”
Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
© 2015 Heidi Straube

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