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We yearn for the taste of the sacred…and through our cameras discover it, the world, and ourselves.

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“Pleasure – A Meditation”




Breathe deeply.

Allow the peace within.

You are still a sacred being
Here to celebrate life.

At this moment – and throughout your day today –

Know that simply being you

Being Love 

makes a difference.

Relax. It is a noble act to share your pleasure.

Image: Morning Pleasure
© 2017 Heidi Straube

July Classes + Santa Fe Retreat

“There is only you and your camera.
The limitations in your photography are in yourself,
for what we see is what we are.”

– Ernst Haas

Hello, everyone,
I hope you’re enjoying your summer and had a liberating July 4th!
July finds me in Houston offering a photo class for teens and Inner Path classes, both daytime and evening, for adults. Come and enjoy the exploration and fun of creating your art as well as your life…
I’m also creating a retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the fall. Click here for a preliminary description and to download a PDF (more details soon) and send me a note if you’d like more information.

“You are the Artist of Your Life: Exploring Life Direction Through Photography – For Teens”
5 days straight of adventure, 1:00 -3:00 PM, creating photography and life desires

Did you ever think of your life as a work of art, with you as the artist painting the picture? Did you know that you can learn photography, and at the same time discover and start creating the life you want?…more..
3 Wednesdays starting July 13, with your choice:
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM or
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The art of photography is more than knowing what f-stop to use, how to capture the light, and how to make changes on your computer to make the “perfect” picture. The essence of a great photograph, one that truly rocks your soul, is much deeper than that. It comes from within the photographer, from the heart and soul. This class is for those who want to improve their photographs and their lives by understanding and improving their “inner” skills. more…

Personal Guide/Mentor/Muse
Deepen your experience of photography, express your personal vision.

During your session with me, your personal muse and mentor, drawing from the Inner Path of Photography perspectives, you’ll have the opportunity to:

*  Discover at a deeper level why you’re drawn to photography and the purpose of photography in your life
*  Clarify what you personally want to share through your work
*  Receive specific feedback on how your images impact and move the viewer…more…

I’m looking forward to seeing you!
Heidi Straube, M.Ed.,LPC, is a photographer and transformational life counselor. Integrating her experience of twenty years in meditative practices, including Zen and yogic traditions, with twenty years as a career/life direction counselor and contemplative psychotherapist, she has helped people to make life changes and transitions by honoring the deeper, spiritual self.
She applies these same principles in her work as a professional photographer and teacher as she honors the spirit within through visual expression.
Heidi has exhibited in the international photography expositions, Recontres International de la Photographie 2001, Aix-en-Provence, France; Houston FotoFest 2000, the Dominican Republic, and Houston Women’s Institute, and the Houston Public Libraries.
She specializes in fine art, natural light portraiture (with special expertise in black & white), as well as contemplative approaches to seascapes.
Heidi is the author of the photo book “I Dream of Galveston,” her images capturing the peacefulness, fragile beauty, and silent gracefulness of the sea, children, and adults at Galveston, Texas beaches. Her unique work as a photographer/psychotherapist has been featured in the Houston Chronicle.
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