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Expansiveness is the feeling as one looks at the valley from a gate at the top of the mountain in Tesuque, New Mexico.

“Vision,” Tesuque, New Mexico, © Heidi Straube

Your gift today is


Yes. I wish that for you too.

(Listen to the 1-minute reflection on “Vision”)
Audio/Download: “Vision” – I Wish That for You Too”
YouTube version

Flash Mob in Copenhagan Metro – Be Surprised!

May an equivalent of this happen to you today as you go to work or whenever you are out and about – or perhaps you could make it happen for others?!

(Carry your smile from watching this – others will feel it…)

Wonderful experience, wonderful little video.

Flash Mob in Copenhagen Metro

Inspiring Video – Louie Schwartzberg

Video: Louie Schwartzberg – “Gratitude”

I often bypass these videos because they are too “schmaltzy.” But a good friend sent this one to me, and, feeling the need of inspiration, I checked it out.

Louie Schwartzberg starts slowly, but the story he’s telling grew on me. I stayed with it, and once the old man he was filming began to talk, I was hooked.

The voice and sentiment of the old man’s narration is deep, beautiful, and with the enhancement of images and  music, effortlessly leads you to a true feeling state of gratitude.

A nice way to start the day –

Check it out…

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