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Dock to the Unknown

“These unexpected gifts of magic still continue
their source as mystifying as ever
whether the “face” before me
Is human, cloud, ice, fire…”

–  Minor White


An approaching storm

Beauty….or Fear?
a choice

Walking forward, not able to see what is at the end of this dock
this day
this life

We can choose to see the light…or darkness.

I choose the magic.


Bliss in the moonlight

Sitting outside at the lake – full moon – only sound is the lapping of the waves against the dock – this is the essence of creation – bliss

Heidi leaving on assignment to Kabul

… Or was it Lake Livingston, I presume.

Is Heidi's photo assignment Kabul? Or Lake Livingston, Texas? Read to go, either way...

My friend Cameron Payne took this picture and e-mailed it to me with the header and note  right after lunching and getting on the road to…yes, Lake Livingston, Texas.

Not Kabul, but an adventure in the making still!

Don’t forget we can have fun shooting photos – it doesn’t have to be all perfection and seriousness –
a smiling photographer off on a new adventure is still a pleasure to see, yes?


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