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“The Future of Photography at MoMA? Aperture interviews Chéroux”

“There is not just one photography but several photographies that exist in different contexts and forms, from the vernacular to art, from New York to Mexico City to Lagos.

Our task is no longer about trying to define what is photography; it’s really about trying to share the most interesting photography in its different forms.”

Clément Chéroux, the new chief photography curator at the Museum of Modern Art, in his interview with Lesley A Martin, creative director of Aperture and publisher of The PhotoBook Review.

A very interesting interview.
Welcome, Clément. I can’t wait for my next visit to MoMa!

Heidi Straube – Inner Path Photography Website

HBO – Mapplethorpe Tonight


For those of you who have HBO, this looks like a wonderful documentary!

“Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures”

New York Times review today by James Poniewoziki: “Mapplethorpe: ‘Look at the Pictures’ on HBO gives context to commentary.”

Interesting perspectives and information for all creatives and art lovers.

(Mapplethorpe image © NYTimes 2016)


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