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Film: “Bill Cunningham New York”

Just saw “Bill Cunningham New York” film at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

“Bill  Cunningham: the Original Street Fashion Photographer.”

Such a gem of a man…and intriguing. You leave the movie wanting to know more about him, while still overwhelmed with the scope of his work, the history he has lived, and the beauty of his inner personality.

Also made me homesick for a time period in the world that will not be seen again.

Go see it wherever you can!


Ansel Adams birthday — listen to

Sunset...Taos, New Mexico

This is so fun…Today is Ansel Adams’ birthday (born 1902), and as I’m sitting here printing new images from Taos, New Mexico, has been playing songs with photography as the subject or in the song. Great theme! And fun to hear how many songs have photography referenced in them.

Not sure how long they’re doing it for…but give it a try! – Fordham University Radio, New York, New York

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday, Ansel…your images are exquisite and will live on…

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