The Inner Path of Photography

We yearn for the taste of the sacred…and through our cameras discover it, the world, and ourselves.

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“Imagine…You are Art”

Imagine what it must feel like

To be an exquisite piece of art.

Unique. Soulful. Appreciated.

Feel it.

Be it.

Live it.

Image: “Morning Art Spirit”
© 2015 Heidi Straube

“My studio…today”


Morning magic

A bit of sadness
this melting snow

Missing blizzard drama

The pink horizon
a surprise trade

Image: “View from my Window, 2.1.2014”

From “Winter on Cape Cod – From my Window”

More “Winter on Cape Cod”

© Heidi Straube 2014

“View from my Window”


After the rains of the night.

Good morning…

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