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Interactive Art Installation Encourages Writing in Library Books

“German artist Christian Moeller creates a giant cloud made of 12,000 blank notebooks waiting to be filled.”

I love this idea!

It  honors the traditional art of books, paper, writing
invites us to get away from our computers and come to the public library
encourages everyone to express their thoughts/images/creativity
gives us an easy way to read/see/absorb the perspectives  of others
and keeps the entire dialogue and creative energy going.

I’m working with collaborative book ideas…

My thoughts inspired further from comments by Daniel Milnor at his SFUAD presentation on making books…

Now this…hmmm…more to come…

“I Wish That For You Too”

At one point in the conversation, however, I said, “I still wish….” and mentioned a long-held desire that I’ve had, and still would like to see take place.

“Hey, don’t push it!” my friend admonished me. “Seems like you have a pretty good deal now.”

Wow! In a flash, my heart sank….”



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