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From the collection “Morgan Turns 21”
© Heidi Straube 2013

I see you
Whether you pretend to see me or not

Your nonchalance does not fool me
My heart remains the same

Love does not disappear on a whim.

Amid the chaos and distractions
The Beloved is always here.

“One of Those Poems”


Write some more of those poems
he said dreamily
I love your poems, they are very beautiful…

So here is one
For You.


I love how you always find the
In the midst of life’s hardest situations

Always a playful story to be spun
That brings the
back in.

What god have you descended from
to make You be
so Wise?


Making Portraits – Choices



I’m inspired by the comparison portraits above from today’s NPR article, “For Modern Poets,  a “Likeness” Could Evolve”  (based on the current show at the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.)

Same person, different perspectives.

Here’s Langston Hughes as a bellhop (with much soul), and as a professional, business-like writer. These images were both made in the same year.

Marianne Moore is young, romantically lighted. Almost 20 years later we have a different experience of  her life in her clear, I-see-you gaze, posed in front of elephants.

A thought provoking reminder to those of us who take portraits –
How do you “see” (experience/feel/understand) the person?
What do you consciously include in the image?
Are you evoking your preferred expressions, or do you allow the subject’s natural expression to come through?

And if you’re the one looking  –
“Who” are you being encouraged to see?
What qualities are there – and what may be left out?

Interesting in the article: insights re the dynamics of artists and their agents deciding what persona to be presented to the world, more examples of portraits that have changed dramatically  as the person evolves (see Allen Ginsberg), featured poets reading their work…

(Camila Domonoske and Angela Evanciei,  “For Modern Poets,  a “Likeness” Could Evolve,” on the new exhibit, “Poetic Likeness: Modern American Poets (see wonderful website) in the National Portrait Gallery,Washington, D.C.)


I invited her to lunch
and a ride home after our swim.

“Well,” she said, with that twinkle in her eye.
“I’d rather we meet later for a drink and a smoke.”

My 80+ friend, this guardian angel
She’s gone.

What to do with the sadness and loss
Seeing it coming does not make it less.


To my images of memory
her tottering to the lanes
One day nearly blown over by the rain and the wind
Still swimming for life
(although this time did scare her)


To the laughter we shared
trading life’s moments of absurdity and love
Bodies, men, street signs
all taken lightly.

She would want me to surrender.
To heartache, then possibilities.

“Go on out there,” she’d say to my crazy ideas, “Go do it!”

I will.

Would you like to hear me reading my poem “Surrender?”
Click here for a downloadable spoken version
Here for a YouTube version with image

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