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You must be set on fire by the inner sun…

Remember the proverb, Eat the grapes.

Do not keep talking about the grapes.

Eat the grapes.

– Rumi


                                        Truro, Masssachusetts © 2011 Heidi Straube


You must be set on fire by the inner sun.

You have to live your Love or else

You’ll only end in words.


– Rumi

“Take the binding…”

“Take the binding from around the foot
of your soul, and let it race around the track
in front of the crowd.”

– Rumi

I love this! It’s inspiring to me on a deeply inner level, and I also smile every time I get the visual.
Rumi is the master at using images to evoke the inner truths he is teaching.
A photographer of words….

Patience…As the new year unfolds

“Be quiet now and wait.
It may be that the ocean one,
the one we desire so to move into and become
desires us out here on land a little longer,
going our sundry roads to the shore.”
– Rumi

“Christmas Morning, Hammonasset”

When a new year starts,
our tendency is to feel that we should

“get back to business”
“get serious”
“do all the things that we put off during the holidays”

We become impatient with ourselves
feeling we’re not accomplishing things fast enough
Already not achieving goals as the new year speeds away

Perhaps there are things in our lives that need attention
that we would do well to bring back into our consciousness and address

But when you were talking about your new year’s resolutions
did you vow to listen to your inner voice?

Did you reflect on what it would look like to honor yourself,
to act on your desire to be that person you know you truly are?

Breathe deeply. Try not to rush.
The new year is but a date on a calendar.
Your life is a constant flow…

Do not stand on the bank.
Jump in the river with me.
As you begin the year of 2010, be patient with yourself.
In your life, in your work, in your art

Be silent now.
Say fewer and fewer praise poems.
Let yourself become living poetry.

– Heidi
(Non-italicized lines from Rumi poems)
“Pieces of a Broken Cup,” “Soul Houses”
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