FotoFest 2010 Notes – MFAH: Seung Woo Back

Work by the Korean photographer Seung Woo Back also caught my eye and mind in the MFAH exhibition, “Ruptures and Continuities: Photography Made after 1960 from the MFAH Collection”

“Real World” is a series of photographs taken in a South Korean theme park that features miniatures of world famous tourist places. Fake architecture and the realistic Seoul landscape coexists there, and the rather calm images evoke an odd sensation and suggest the envy that South Koreans turn towards outside countries.” (from the website of the Foil Gallery, Tokyo, upon their 2007 exhibit of  Seung Woo Back’s “Real World”)

Click here for a photo of the image….
Also see artist’s site…

I liked what Woo Back is doing as an art form, and also liked what he had to say about his work:

“As the border between ontological reality and imaginary reality becomes tightly entwined in my pictures, one might begin to wonder how the world is shaped in our own imaginations,” said the artist. (From curator’s notes, MFAH gallery wall.)

Yes, I agree….a concept worth a lifetime of reflection.