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We yearn for the taste of the sacred…and through our cameras discover it, the world, and ourselves.

Impromptu signature images…Part 3 (Taos Gorge, New Mexico)

So now I’m in Taos…went for a long drive yesterday afternoon, getting more and more frustrated that I can’t possibly capture the expansiveness and big sky, big land feeling of this special area (that’s a whole other post!)…

Then got to the Gorge, where there’s a great path where you can walk for miles and be in the middle of all of that big sky and expansiveness…Taking a break on my walk, sitting on a rock in the middle of the sage with mountains all around, fresh air, big sky (ok, I know, enough of the big sky thing!) I remembered that a friend of mine the day before had asked me to send a self-portrait of me in Taos.

“Here’s what I would like, Heidi: Please send me a picture of you in front of the adobe house where where you’re staying with the Mountain in the background and the beautiful blue sky and  all of the things you’ve been telling me about in the picture…” uh-huh, right, such an easy request to fill…

So I pulled out my magic self-portrait solution…feet in Taos!…and here’s the result:

"Dreaming at the mountains"

So that was fun…but wait! I have another self-portrait that I’ve worked with before, and may include in my travel barrel of tricks.

Here it is:

"Reaching for the sky"

So…in summary…go with the fun, play with your day, and shoot every way you want with yourself in the picture! It’s fun and gives your friends a whole new way to share your experience with you.

Where are yours? Let’s see!

Impromptu signature images…Part 2 (Beach, Martha’s Vineyard, MA)

Then I was in Martha’s Vineyard last summer, sitting on the beach, and wanting to capture the exquisite beauty I was seeing and feeling as I basked in the sun, heard the sound of the waves, and felt the joy of being at the beach and living the life I was living.

How could I share this visually with my friends?

Here was the next “Heidi’s feet self-portrait”…

"Dreaming at the beach"

I like this one a lot…every time I look at it I can feel the warmth of the sand, and the desire to be there right now (well, not right now, it’s still snowing there…this summer again?:)

Back to the  theme of impromptu signature images, however…

Since I love the beach, I started using this image for fun profile pictures, like Facebook etc…and it has hung in there for a long time. Once again, it reminds me of my playfulness and the fun times in my life…and how photographing doesn’t always have to be this big serious experience in order to give you pleasure.

I hadn’t really realized that it had become a signature image, however, until one of my fellow photographer friends one day sent me a picture of his feet where he was in Ecuador…and then the fun began.

What a great way to take travel pictures…personal self-portraits of our experience everywhere we go! (And much easier than trying to balance those Peeps marshmallow things for the fun National Geographic Easter photo competition last year.)

Impromptu signature images, part 1 (Bluebonnets, Chappell Hill, TX)

About a year ago I went with a group of fellow photographers to shoot pictures of the bluebonnets in Chappell Hill, Texas. A friend had invited us to her ranch, which she didn’t need to twist our arms to accept…and we had a great time shooting, socializing, socializing, shooting, socializing…you get the picture.

When we got together a week later to share our photos, I found that one of my favorite images was a picture of my feet in the bluebonnets. I had grown tired of trying to take a picture that was “different” from your usual bluebonnet pictures, and just sat down in the grass, enjoying the color, the scents, the sun and spring air. Fooling around, I started shooting pictures of my feet and my new pedicure (I liked the color very much, girly girl that I can be), and played with feet in focus, tree in the background in focus, bluebonnets in focus, feet moved, legs moved, etc etc.

Here’s my favorite out of my experiments:

"Dreaming in the bluebonnets"

I liked the playfulness of this image, and started using it as my profile picture for things like Facebook. I also liked it to remind me that photography isn’t always about getting the perfect shot of what you originally thought you were coming to shoot.

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