Impromptu signature images, part 1 (Bluebonnets, Chappell Hill, TX)

by heidistraubephotographer

About a year ago I went with a group of fellow photographers to shoot pictures of the bluebonnets in Chappell Hill, Texas. A friend had invited us to her ranch, which she didn’t need to twist our arms to accept…and we had a great time shooting, socializing, socializing, shooting, socializing…you get the picture.

When we got together a week later to share our photos, I found that one of my favorite images was a picture of my feet in the bluebonnets. I had grown tired of trying to take a picture that was “different” from your usual bluebonnet pictures, and just sat down in the grass, enjoying the color, the scents, the sun and spring air. Fooling around, I started shooting pictures of my feet and my new pedicure (I liked the color very much, girly girl that I can be), and played with feet in focus, tree in the background in focus, bluebonnets in focus, feet moved, legs moved, etc etc.

Here’s my favorite out of my experiments:

"Dreaming in the bluebonnets"

I liked the playfulness of this image, and started using it as my profile picture for things like Facebook. I also liked it to remind me that photography isn’t always about getting the perfect shot of what you originally thought you were coming to shoot.