Notes from FotoFest 2010, Houston – Jason Lazarus

by heidistraubephotographer

I was in Houston for two days last week, just enough time to connect with friends and then run around and see what I could of the FotoFest offerings this year.

Check out the FotoFest website,  where you can see all of the events, venues, activities and information…FotoFest is a  photographer’s Candyland, and it’s almost over (some venues have already changed their shows, but most are still up until April 25…next week!) so go soon!

I’m always curious as to what people have seen and what they liked/disliked…so if you’ve been to any of the shows, feel free to tell me what caught your eye. I’d love to hear.

In the meantime, I’m going to post my thoughts about some artists and shows that inspired, made me think, or uplifted me…
I’ll start with…

1) Jason Lazarus, “Nirvana,”
(1st floor, Fotofest at the Vine Street Studios, part of the exhibit “Whatever Was Splendid: New American Photographs.”)

Jason asked the question, “Who introduced you to the band “Nirvana”?” and then asked participants to submit a photograph of that person with their answer. After interviewing people and hearing their stories, he selected some key phrases and hand-printed them at the bottom of the photographs.

The photographs with their captions are emotionally stunning…I was amazed that people had such great photos of people that were very influential in their lives….and the stories that go along with them are touching/joyful/hearfelt. Jason also varied the sizes of the images, which contributed to the impact.

A small selection from the whole project is exhibited at FotoFest, but it’s powerful. You can see more on Jason’s website.

While you’re at the Jason Lazarus website, check out the project “Impossible Art Ideas”
I  love the concept and the ideas are funny, visionary, and inspiring.
More! More!

Jason’s work makes me look at my own projects and consider how I can think out of the box in some of the ways that he has, perhaps to enhance some of the work I’ve already done, and to  allow for new project ideas.

Thanks Jason! I look forward to seeing more of your work…