Artist’s Inspiration: Film at the Menil Collection, Houston tonight

by heidistraubephotographer

It’s important for me to hear/see/experience what other artists are doing….it inspires my own work, giving me new ideas to work with, or reminding me of old ideas that I’ve forgotten. So in that vein…

Tonight the Menil Collection in Houston is showing a film about Braque and Picasso…sounds wonderful…here’s their description:
“In 2007, New York¹s Pace-Wildenstein Gallery owner Arne Glimcher, and gallery director Bernice Rose (now curator of drawings at The Menil Collection), organized an exhibition (and book) that explored the neglected influence of early cinema on Picasso and Braque¹s revolutionary art movement, Cubism. At the Menil Collection, Bernice Rose will introduce the program.”

hmm, pretty dry. Here’s what they put on Facebook!

“Come to the Menil tonight for a FREE film screening of “Picasso and Braque Go to the Movies” and discover the unique impact of film on these artists and their revolutionary art movement, Cubism.”

I like that better 🙂

The Menil is a beautiful space, including the grounds, exhibits, people who run the organization….the program is free…how can you not go?

More information here…