“I used to be afraid to fly…”

by heidistraubephotographer

“I used to be really afraid to fly, Mr. White says. “My palms would sweat for days, thinking about it. After I made my first record, in 2001, my fear was half of what it used to be, and I think it was because I accomplished some of the things I wanted to do. I think you’re only fearful of dying if you haven’t lived.”

(“In Greenwich Village, a Songwriter’s Garrett” NY Times 5.6.2010, about singer-songwriter Kenny White‘s NY apartment)

Today’s article in the NY  Times caught my eye, because I’m still looking forward to having another artsy house and studio in the future. I loved the interview, the sensibility of the musician, and pictures of this Greenwich Village home…and then the totally unexpected icing on the cake was this quote.

A fine sharing of a very personal experience and a perspective I agree with.

Plus listen to his music…it’s great!