Photo Performance Work tonight – July 1, Houston

by heidistraubephotographer

I heard Ashley Hunt, the photographer, interviewed on KUHF radio yesterday and I can’t wait to see his show, “Notes on the Emptying of a City.”

Ashley went to New Orleans with a service group from California after Hurricane Katrina; he was on the team to document the aftereffects of the storm. Instead of doing the usual gallery show, he has put together a performance piece that integrates images, interviews, and perspectives about the experience.

In the radio interview, he sounded thoughtful, insightful, and clear about his work and how/why he was doing it…an aware artist with purpose.

See photographer Ashley Hunt’s website for more info about him

And click here for more information about the project and the event tonight.
Tonight, Eldorado Ballroom, 7:00 PM (2310 Elgin  Street)…sponsored by Project Row Houses, Houston.