Special of the Week: Muse/Mentor Inner Path Photography Sessions

by heidistraubephotographer

Here’s a “taste teaser.” I want you to experience how having a personal muse can really move your creative work along, and make you happier and more fulfilled in your art and life.

So I’ve come up with an introductory special:

MUSE/MENTOR Inner Path Photography Sessions

$25.00 for 25 minutes
One week only, August 23 – August 30, 2010
Contact heidi@straubephoto.com or 1.713.521.1676 to schedule.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have your own personal muse? If you’ve been yearning to express yourself more fully, I encourage you to try this. We’ll have fun and you’ll leave inspired and already creating at a whole new level. Treat yourself!  (Or give a session to a friend…)

Here’s how it works:

Send me up to 10 of your images. Pick 10 favorites OR 5 that you like and 5 that you’re unhappy with. We’ll talk about what you’re trying to express through your photos, and why it’s working or not working. During your session with me, your personal muse and mentor, you’ll have the opportunity to:

1)        Discover at a deeper level why you’re drawn to photography
2)        Clarify what you personally want to share through your work
3)        Receive specific feedback on how your images impact me, the viewer
4)        Learn techniques, both inner and technical, for how to improve your images so they’re more in alignment with your intention as an artist
5)        Become re-inspired if you’ve been feeling discouraged or stuck in your creativity (or have a camera that just never seems to make it off the shelf).
6)        Enjoy even more greatly the experience of magic and joy that results when you’re photographing and are able to create your unique expression of life.

(Of course we can’t do all of this in depth in 25 minutes, so you choose what’s most important for you!)

Sessions are fluid and customized to your need. Feel free to bring:

* The questions/challenges that you experience while shooting,
* Thoughts about what gives you joy or disappointment when reviewing your images;
* Blocks, issues, and areas of interest that come up for you as an overall part of your curiosity and exploration of being a photographer.

The Format:

Sessions will be held through Skype, phone, or e-mail exchange.
$25.00 for 25 minutes
In person sessions $35.00/25 minutes (I’ll be in Houston that week, working out of a Montrose cafe).
*If you prefer more than 25 minutes, additional time can be scheduled at the same rate, in 10 minute increments.*

A limited number of spaces will be held for this special.
This special price is only good for the week starting Monday, August 23, ending Monday, August 30.

Please schedule early in order to reserve a date and time. Day and evening times are available, although evenings book quickly, so plan accordingly. I will make my schedule accommodate those of you who are out of the United States; International clients encouraged!

Contact heidi@straubephoto.com or 1.713.521.1676 to schedule.

NOTE: These personal muse sessions are for both “amateurs” and “professionals.” I’ve found that sometimes people hesitate to call themselves a “photographer,” thinking there is some elevated criteria that must be met in order to hold that definition.

I’m interested in helping people to express their inner essence, to be creative, to share how they see the world with others, and to live in the world in alignment with their essence. I want you to see how having a creative coach can really move your work along, and make you happier and more fulfilled in your art/life.

So call yourself whatever you want…and lighten up and let yourself be free. I’m looking forward to seeing your images and assisting you in the Inner Path of Photography, “Honoring Inner. Creating Outer.”