Images from Istanbul

by heidistraubephotographer

Printing images from my trip to Istanbul in March of this year.

How do you choose what to print? I go with what gives me energy, makes me light up, laugh, smile, or feel some kind of emotion. I started with the intention of printing some of the graffiti art I discovered, but got side tracked into some other street scenes that I had forgotten about that visually got my attention.

I’m also trying to categorize my images so when I’m looking for them later they’re easy to find. Hooray for tags! But in the process I’m learning how much I DON’T know about using Lightroom 3 to best advantage (where’s my darkroom?!! where’s my easy filing of negatives in notebooks?)  but hanging in there, knowing that eventually I’ll have a system just like I did when using film.

Here’s a sample from the printing session: