Photo of the Day – September 9, 2010

by heidistraubephotographer

Provincetown, Massachusetts copyright Heidi Straube 2010

This was shot around 7:00 PM, cloudy day that made evening come early. Location: Balcony of my room at the Outer Reach Resort, Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Never think it’s too dark to take a picture…your camera grabs the light better than your eyes many times…if you’re inspired by the vision of what you see, go for it and take the shot…see what can happen.

A good life lesson:

1. Look around…let yourself become inspired

2. Have the courage to go for it not knowing the outcome

3. Have the playfulness to not be attached to whether it’s a great action or not

4. Enjoy the experience, whether your future outcome wish comes true or not. The NOW of seeing that sunset and any other experience that lights you up is worth the pure, immediate bliss, and remains in your consciousness and being.