Travel Photographer of the Year 2011 – Slideshow of Winners

by heidistraubephotographer

Love this slideshow of winners of the  Travel Photographer of the Year Awards! The images are wonderful, plus the narration by Chris Coe, the Founder of the awards, is a nice addition.

The images will be exhibited at the Royal Geographic Society in London until 10 June 2011. Admission is free. Let me know if you go (or if you need a traveling companion)!

My favorites (in order as seen in the slideshow):

1. The work of Quintin Lake, who is from the UK. Snow and water images from Greenland, that are nearly mono-tone.  Clean, simple, beautiful. He is the winner in the “Amazing Places” category.

2. Jordi Cohen, Spain, the first image of his of a funeral in Haiti.

His use of angles, movement, and light enhances the emotion felt here and appeals to me. From the “Encounters” Porfolio entrants.

3.  Ethereal images of a monk in Bhutan, going down a corridor, by Richard Murai, USA.

I believe it’s hard to come up with original work from Bhutan, although very beautiful, much of the work today starts looking  the same to me.  These two images have an 0ther-worldliness about them that I enjoy – the light, the movement, the space are terrific.

Richard is the winner of the “World in Motion” category.

You can enter for 2012. Here’s the website.

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