NY Times.com: “A Bare Market Lasts One Morning”

by heidistraubephotographer

I love seeing people being creative with their thoughts and their vision.The message of this art piece and the way this artist chose to educate people caught my attention.

NY Times article about “Ocularpation” performance art by Zefrey Thorwell on Wall Street, Monday, August 1.

Playful and with a simple, accessible meaning. Wish I could have been in New York to see it!

“Kids in Calcutta and kids in Tulsa right now are talking about Wall Street, but they have never been there, and don’t know that there’s a Tiffany’s,” he (Zefrey Thorwell) said, or “that there’s more sandwich shops than banks, that there’s more gyms happening there than stock trading.” Demystifiying the street, he said he felt, was one step in educating people about the interconnected financial realities and critiquing the system. (NY Times article, 8.1.2011)