“The Music They Made” – sound collage of musicians who died in 2011

by heidistraubephotographer

“The Music They Made,” a short video made by Wm. Ferguson and featured in the New York Times – watch for the unusual photographs that you may not have seen before of these wonderful musicans who died this year.

It’s interesting to me that I recognized all of the songs, but didn’t always have a visual of the  musician. I liked experiencing through this video the power of photography to enhance my experience, and make it more personal when hearing each one’s music.

What a great example of how simplicity of presentation can also still be powerful.

I miss many of them – Gil Scott Heron and Todd Rungren were unique  – the photo of Todd Rungren is great, complex – and the hearing/seeing all brought back memories of happy times.

A nice tribute to a diversity of  individuals, contributions to the world, and lasting legacies.

P.S. I like this term –  a “sound collage” (used by Mr. Ferguson).