by heidistraubephotographer


Can Lightness come to play today?

Unguarded pleasure
Delight, contentment, bliss

The feeling of body and mind totally immersed
in the pure joy of being.

Please stop. Right now.

Take a  deep breath, and hold it.
Then let it out, feeling your energy flow from the top of your head to the tips of your toes

Relax your shoulders
Soften your heart

(Your heart is there, you know. Just waiting.)

Think of a time when you were happy, playful
Free from the heavy cares that you’ve shouldered so well

Remember from your childhood, last month, today  – no matter!
See the scene, and feel it.
Let your body and mind enjoy.

Can you do it? Will you?
Deepen, deepen

Now hold that feeling

And walk into your world.


(Would you like me to guide you through this meditation?
Click here for my voice and a downloadable spoken version)