Winners – Photoplay – “Play”

by heidistraubephotographer

My Photoplay contest, “Play” has been an interesting and pleasurable experiment.

We have three winners! Congratulations! See their images below, with comments.

Images are also here, on my website where you can see them larger and enjoy the more subtle details – enjoy.

All three winners will receive a 1-hour Inner Path Photography “Personal Session with the Muse.”  They’ll enjoy  either an Inner Path Photography Personal Intensive, a  Walk with the Muse, or a Beachwalk Talk.

Exciting, yes? I’m looking forward to meeting with them!

If you didn’t get to send in an image, I hope it was because you’ve been out there enjoying life and playing like crazy –

Thanks to all – may you remember the essence of play –  here and in your life!


“Playing Host” © Cameron Payne 2012.
A table set for 12, beautifully lit and arranged with silver and flowers, makes the host of this party happy to play. I like the elegance captured, the glow, and the image that one wouldn’t think of right away for “play” that Cameron chose. Yes, surely this is great adult play.

“Pixie” © Stephen Chicoine 2012.
This enthusiastic sprite has “play” written all over her, from her colorful, creative way of dressing to the bug-eyed frog enhancing the vibe. I love the body language, the beautiful line from her right foot up her leg and side to her shoulder, and the wonderful mix of a “tween” girl’s vulnerability, confidence, and joy that has been captured by Steve.

“Hula Hoop” © Erica Lin 2012.
In Erica’s words: “I attend a K-12 school, and every year they hold a hula hoop contest for the elementary age kids. As the yearbook photography editor, I had the opportunity to watch this event through the eyes of my camera. This photo in particular is my favorite; it shows one girl focusing and concentrating on the task at hand while letting loose, having fun, and enjoying her playtime.” As well as enjoying Erica’s experience, I like the way she has framed the image, focusing on face, torso, hoop, and allowing that to speak to us.