Art Rock: Songs inspired by artists

by heidistraubephotographer


Rene and Georgette Magritte with their dog after the war

I love to see the interplay of different art forms. It’s wonderful to see how we can all inspire each other, drawing from the same creative Source.

Here’s a fun and interesting article (with videos embedded) about songs that have been written about or are inspired by various painters. From Picasso to Warhol to Frida Kahlo – and reflecting all kinds of music and styles – the Muse arises, and uniquely, tribute is paid.

I was trying to pick a favorite, but as I return and visit the videos, it varies day-to-day. One day I like the repetitive words and music of The Modern Lovers with their unique perspective in “Pablo Picasso,” another day I’m into the sweetness and sentimentality of Paul Simon’s “René And Georgette Magritte with their Dog After the War,”  and then a third time the simple caring and humor of Michael Marra in “Frida Kahlo’s Visit to the Tay Bridge Bar” makes me happy.

And what about John Cale? He keeps popping up on the radar these days. His “Magritte”  is an update of his signature style, and works for me.

Fisun Guner’s comments about songwriter and song are informative and frame the theme beautifully. She has also included the “worst” of these types of songs – I had to laugh at some, and don’t really care about the others.

It’s enough to see and hear the masters that feed my hungry inspirational soul.

“Art Rock:  The best and worst songs about artists,” by Fisun Guner